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Forget about the cold with this heated gilet for men and women.

Heated waistcoat
You'll feel the heat in
Take care of your health
Protects you from the cold and helps you stay healthy.
Various designs available
5 designs in different colours for women and men.

About HeatOn

It has several heating plates on the back, neck and others in the pocket area to help keep the body warm at all times.
  • 3 temperature levels: high, medium and low. The heating of the waistcoat works via infrared, so it is 100% safe as well as comfortable and discreet.
  • Heats up in no time, lightweight, long battery life and charges via USB connector. The best choice for going for a walk, playing sports, working, saving on heating or having a drink on a terrace without getting cold.
  • Health Benefits: This waistcoat can relieve muscle aches and pains as well as promote better blood circulation.
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Main advantages:

Keep out the cold
Keep out the cold with this heated waistcoat for men and women.
4 heat zones
4 carbon fibre heat zones generate heat at the neck, mid back and pockets.
3 temperature levels
3 temperature levels: Minimum (blue): 39° C, medium (white): 46° C, maximum (red): 56° C.
Easy to clean
Inner pocket for battery (battery not included). Washable. Do not tumble dry. Easy to clean.
Great comfort
Discreet and comfortable to wear. No noticeable difference to a normal waistcoat.
100% safe
The waistcoat is heated by infrared.


How many heat zones does it have?
4 heat zones: Back, neck and in the pocket area.
Is it washable?
Yes, but do not tumble dry.
Are there different designs?
Yes, there are a total of 5 different models for women and men.
Does the heated waistcoat come with batteries?
No. It comes with a USB cable to connect to an external battery. (battery not included)
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